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No website builders or digital outsourcing - We offer 100% hand-coded websites and solutions with superior results starting at $50/mo.

What We Do


We specialize in website design and digital solutions for clients anywhere in the US. Every line of code and piece of content is written by hand to ensure the best performance, which helps bring in more customers to your site and bring more revenue to your business. LEARN MORE

Website Design

Website Design

Hand-coded visually appealing and user-friendly websites tailored to your business, ensuring a seamless online experience for your visitors.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Elevate your business with captivating digital visuals and creative design solutions that communicate your message effectively across various platforms.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Strategize and execute targeted online campaigns to expand your digital presence, engage your audience, and drive conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your business to rank higher in search engine results, increasing visibility and attracting organic traffic to enhance your online presence.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Harness the power of data to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and business performance, enabling informed decision-making.

IT Support

IT Support

Ensure the smooth operation of your digital infrastructure with reliable IT support, addressing issues promptly to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Implement cutting-edge AI solutions to automate tasks, enhance user experiences, and unlock new possibilities for innovation within your business.

Software Development

Software Development

Develop customized software solutions tailored to your specific needs, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency across your business.

Geek Out

Geek Out

Dive into tech wonders with us! Geek Out for the latest in coding, tech trends, and digital exploration. Join the conversation and let's geek out together!

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$0 Down, $50 Per Month, 12 Month Minimum Contract

$0 down for a standard small business website. If you need more than that, then we have to do custom pricing based on the scope of work, number of additional pages, and time involved.

$50 per month covers hosting, security, updates, and certificates. You own your domain, content, listings, and profiles. You own your domain, content, listings, and profiles. Cancel anytime with no fees or hassle.

Checkmark Hosting Fees Included

Hosting fees are built right into the monthly payment.

Checkmark Unlimited Edits

Change anything you want at anytime with the Entirtek suite.

Checkmark 24/7 Customer Service

Call directly anytime, day or night; no phone trees or automated responses.

Checkmark Web Design & Development

Includes over 40 hours of design, development, and testing.

Checkmark Google Page Speed

We can achieve a perfect 100 on Google Page Speed scores and boost your search ranking.

Checkmark Google Analytics

We install analytics for free to monitor traffic and where it comes from.

Who We Are


My name is Rob, and I am an award-winning game developer and software developer. I started this company to help provide modern digital solutions for businesses while still being able to work on personal software projects. I started programming on a Windows XP computer at age ten and learned to write code myself. Now, after being in the field professionally for over 9 years with millions of lines of code under my belt for AAA companies, I started this company and have my method down to a science.

Picture of Robert Barkow.

Robert Barkow

Owner / Developer

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Basic Plan
$8000 min. Up Front Cost
Custom Designed
Custom Coded Shopify Integration
Easy to edit


Premium Plan
$150 /MO
Unlimited Edits
Includes Hosting
24/7 Customer Service
Lifetime Updates


Business Plan
2 revisions
All File Formats
Ready to use
FREE w/ Subscription